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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry works in conjunction with general dentistry to ensure the overall health and beauty of your mouth. 

The appearance of your teeth should reflect your excellent dental health. Otherwise, neither you nor the world will know that your teeth are healthy and strong. An aesthetically pleasing mouth heightens your self-esteem, brightens your face, and betters your presentation in both social and professional interactions.



Dr. King is highly trained in cosmetic dentistry techniques. Our practice is well-versed in emerging cosmetic dental technologies. We’ve helped our patients:

Browse our Smile Gallery for striking examples of our cosmetic dental work. Even subtle changes to your teeth can produce stunning results. Whether you’d like your grin whiter, straighter, more symmetrical, or modified in any way, we’d love to discuss options with you. Your smile is the focal point of so many moments of your life, and you deserve a smile with which you are completely satisfied.

Call us today to set up a free consultation at 407-425-0087.



Do you have teeth that you’re proud to show off? Or do you purposefully narrow your smile? Don’t spend your life limiting your laughter out of self-consciousness. Your King dentists’ know-how combined with new dental technologies provides solutions for everything from minor aesthetic concerns to smile overhauls. Whether we are restoring existing teeth or creating new structures, your King dentists are well-equipped to fulfill your smile desires.


We will meet your dental needs with the help of:

  • Tooth whitening products – both for in-office use and home use

  • Porcelain veneers – Thin shells bonded to your existing teeth

  • Lumineers – Ultra-thin veneers that can be applied with minimal tooth reduction

  • Porcelain fixed bridges

  • Dental implants – replacing single or multiple missing teeth

  • Composite fillings – both for new areas of tooth decay and as a replacement for noticeable metal or amalgam fillings

These structures aid us in repairing your teeth in an invisible way: no one, yourself included, will be able to spot any dental work inside your mouth. After a smile makeover, the only comments made about your mouth will be compliments on your perfect smile, and the ease with which you show it.

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