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Airway & Jaw Development for Children

As children advance through a sequence of growth stages, proper nasal-breathing and tongue function is crucial for airway/jaw development and overall health. Normal, fully developed jaws will allow an anatomical structural form that can support a full set of teeth with no crowding or crookedness, no TMJ problems, a healthy oral airway, proper tongue space, and an ideal craniofacial foundation for your child to thrive. This is where optimal health begins and these conditions perpetuate excellent health.

Unfortunately, due to soft diets, processed food, pollution, allergies, and other epigenetic factors, normal jaw growth is not very common today. Alarmingly, abnormal growth leading to underdeveloped jaws has become the norm. A mouth that is structurally impaired can result in mouth breathing, malocclusions, and sleep breathing disorders resulting in poor health. Cognitive development, emotional and behavioral problems often seen in children include:

  • Mouth breathing

  • Snoring

  • Black circles under eyes

  • Noisy breather

  • Bedwetting

  • Hyperactivity and ADD/ADHD

  • Daytime sleepiness

Pediatric Dentistry - sleeping boy

The good news is that all the above symptoms can be successfully treated.  Recognition and comprehensive evaluation of jaw growth issues and resulting airway problems early on is crucial in order to correct these developmental abnormalities and redirect growth for optimal function, comfort, health and beauty. Now for the good news!

Dr. King & King can treat your child for
growth and development!

Sleep Disordered Breathing:

Sleep Disordered Breathing and Bedwetting:

How a Dentist Helped a Sleepy Child

Has your child been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or sleep deprivation? Are they often sleepy? Do they snore? Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD? Many children are incorrectly diagnosed! Every sleepy child should have a sleep screening.


Mouth breathing 24 hours a day over a number of years takes a toll on the development of the mouth, airway, and child. View this video and see how Dr. King can help your child sleep tight. It can change their life!

Pediatric Dentistry Information


After the teething process, you need to learn how to deal with your infant’s teeth! Early dental care and instruction is the most crucial aspect of your child’s dental future. Our pediatric dentistry office in Orlando provides all phases of pediatric dental care, kids’ oral care kits, and tips on developing healthy, decay-resistant teeth.


It may surprise you to learn that dentists and pediatricians recommend your child see a dentist by his or her third birthday. Is it time for you and your offspring to take that dental care step? Our dentists are proud to offer pediatric dental services for youth of all ages. We hope to overcome children’s knee-jerk evasions of oral care by educating them about how their dental health matters, and what they can do grow strong teeth. We offer pediatric-specific services that cater to the younger set, prioritizing gentleness, education, and pain-free dentistry.

Call Dr. King and make an appointment for your child today. We are a great choice if you're searching for a College Park dentist for children.

Child Dental Services
  • Pediatric dental care – Each individual has a different tendency towards tooth decay, depending on tooth construction, diet, and habits. Once we have identified your child’s dental profile, we will discuss appropriate oral care. We will detail typical milestones in tooth development, proper oral habits, and ways to control thumb/pacifier sucking to prevent your child’s bite from suffering (see information below). We generally hope to see your child every six months to routinely identify any tooth decay or poor dental habits. Between visits, encourage a balanced diet at home, with brushing after snacking.

  • Pediatric Fluoride Treatment – Flouride allows for healthy enamel development, preventing future tooth decay. It is important that your children drink fluoridated water and use fluoridated toothpaste. Additionally, we offer brief in-office flavored fluoride treatments following regular check-ups. We may also discuss the possibility of dental sealants for your child’s back teeth, to help protect the molars.

  • How to Properly Brush and Floss Children’s Teeth – No matter your child’s attitude towards oral health, we are available with suggestions and tips for pediatric dentistry in Orlando. As with many hygienic practices, it can help to encourage your kids to see brushing and flossing as an adult habit: something that makes them more grown-up. Try brushing with your children, to ensure that they are cleaning their teeth properly and for the correct amount of time (at least 2 minutes, which feels longer than most kids think they should brush for!) Consider helping your children floss by the age of four, teaching them the importance of removing food and plaque from hard-to-reach areas between the teeth. Bad breath is likely a sign of poor oral hygiene and can mean your child is skimping on oral care.



Dr. King and her staff can discuss the correct age to start Orthodontic therapy for your child. Depending on mouth construction, that age varies wildly. Dr. King can treat most orthodontic patients with retainers, expansion retainers, myofunctional appliances as well as braces.

Kids in Preschool - Pediatric Dentist
Does Your Child Still Suck Their Thumb?


Please watch the video by Dr. Staci and learn more about this behavior. If you have concerns about your child, Dr. King can discuss the option of using a Myo Munchee to replace thumb/finger sucking. We have a strong background in Pediatric Dentistry in Orlando. We will help you make informed decisions concerning your child's dental health.

Call Dr. King and make an appointment for your child today. Our College Park pediatric dentistry services have proven results spanning multiple generations. We would love to help your child's smile shine!

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